Over 85th


The first in a series of overlaid imagery.



In the dream, a man approches the fence, steps over the rails and plunges to the valley below.

There’s a certain pleasure in awaking before impact.

Industrial Seattle’s landscape is changing day to day.

Teddy Honey Bear


By chance, the colours began to create pictures that were not there before.  Today, a look northwest.  Maybe something new tomorrow.

oil series...

As time goes by along given track,

Stars glisen through seeing eyes and react to the simple things that don’t come back, to the basic image in your mind.

Your mother knew it would just take time.  And time, again, is just a rhyme,

With her and I, there is no crime; without cause, won’t pay a singe dime.

Stores are for those who are past their prime,

Numbers squeel to hault and then rewind.

Andrew Miller. 2008



Where the roads end, the sea provides a trail.  Walk slowly…

The Family Bee



If a bees hive had eight sides, they would come together equally.

All strive, taking great pride, to protect the one most dear to them.

Each day brings with it different challenges, smoke and mirrors and coffee cups.

The fear of sympathy through bandages ensures the soldiers take their lumps.

When the ghosts come, through the winters dreary sun, the past will be out front to visit you.

A simple choice been made, an upaid debt been paid…slam doors of glass, made shatter-proof.

To rebel is at the fingertips of all; see temples built and watch them fall; so is the nature of human nature.

A thrill of sound (spoke both soft and loud) eccos noise all hear and treasure.

Andrew Miller, 2006

Off Day


Three weeks away, two weeks overseas, one week at home and another on the coast.  Why not relax at work?

The Nationalist


One of only two men to have died while in office (other than assassination), President Zachary Taylor will forever be regarded as Mr. Panama (or at least he should be).



Puddles can appear to be mirrors in the worst of storms.