the watercolor series...

“Is it the worst day of your life or the best which you remember most clearly?”, asked the eternal optimist.

Number Fourteen


Franklin Pierce served as our nations 14th President during the dog days of its growth, a single term from 1853-1857.  Hailed as a traitor by many, mostly due to his opinion of anti-succession, this father of three (each of his children having died before the age of 13) was quoted as saying, “You have summoned me in my weakness. You must sustain me by your strength.”  Wise words from someone with so much loss.

Camp Jones


Any day is a good day to watch Operation Top-off.  That means today is a good day to watch Operation Top-off.

Where Portage Bay meets the Ship Canal and Roosevelt.  The photographs which I look at most frequently are the ones which took me the least time to paint.

The Pit


The industrial foundries of Seattle’s southtown is the setting for this short film noir directed by Kevin Slattery.  Sometimes dumpsters and rafters are the best places to hide.

This is Blue Collar Escape.

Music and Film


The music of Grandaddy has been a formative constant for many years.  Three 8MM films, Balladen, you are my SUNSHINE and What Can’t Be Erased (directed by Jason Reid) are pictures expressed best with a Grandaddy voice.  Enjoy.

Our nation’s 20th President was born on the 19th of November 1831.

He passed on the 19th of September 1881 of assassination.  His name is James Abram Garfield.

J.A. Garfield, 1879

How can one thing be another?

Why can’t sulfer smell like pine (with a hint of ripe tomato) or a breeze that brings the sea straight back to memory?

Wasted is the clutter of emotions left behind, never to remember who we felt them for.

Insted of going Sunday driving, read a book – sit on the couch,

Do a wash or two for Tuesday; you think it’s best to look your best and feel more dignified.

Spend your time in cloud-nine airport, release your clutch with the piece of mind,

That today’s as good as any – tomorrow may not be there, for your loved ones to gain knowledge of a simple point of view; we all choose the folks we grow with – every new day bringing with it perfect latitude.

The answer to my questions are around a beaten bush,

It is here we lace our bow’s with arrows pointing straight at who we’re meant to be with.

A path or two less taken are regrets I hope not hold,

When breathing yeilds exhaustion, ironic portraits are both bought and sold.

Andrew Miller, 2005



In the back allies of the University district.  There are beautiful things everywhere.

This rarity can only be found under the shadows of boots and hat shells.