-the best thing about the waiting is the thinking…

3 Responses to “TOLL BELL”

  1. sconicole said

    Now what? Time is long
    if you wait, and a little
    sweet if you listen.

  2. mantisart said

    well said! you sound like you studied poetry!

    i suppose i’m in no rush…when it matters it’s worth the wait…i’ve thought about this for a while!

  3. sconicole said

    Enclosing the field within bounds
    sets it apart from the boundless
    of which it was, and is, a part,
    and places it within care.
    The bounds of the field bind
    the mind to it. A bride
    adorned, the field now wears
    the green veil of a season’s
    abounding. Open the gate!
    Open it wide, that time
    and hunger may come in.
    -Wendell Berry

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