Here is a taste of current and future shows, events and projects to keep a watchful eye on…

*The Traveler, April-June 2010 … Inked & oil painted photography

*Naked City Brewery, April 9-May 13 2010 … Collaborative paintings

*Belltown Pull-Apart, May 27th-June 17 2010 … Collaborative paintings

*Gorilla Arts, May 22 2010 … Live painting & mixed media

*Artopia, June 26th 2010 … All day painting in Georgetown with live music, slam monologs and interactive sculpture painting

*Tuesday’s in Ballard at the Ballard Community Center, every Tuesday begining June 29-August 31 … Live music & painting with weekly events, neighborhood activities and concessions

In addition, I, along with a crew of collaborators, are set to begin work on numerous public murals throughout the Seattle proper in the coming weeks….stay tuned!

To serve as a warm-up for Artopia 2010…

The Balagan Theatre on Capital Hill presents

An evening of live music by Max Perry with dueling painting by Ryan Henry Ward & Andrew Miller

Friday April 16th

10 pm – midnight, FREE!

With what has become the finest visual presentation to date…

photo by Sean O'feery

The Collaborative works of  Ryan Henry Ward, Starheadboy, Narboo, Andrew Miller and Xavier Lopez Jr.

Naked City Brewery – Seattle

*Opening Night*

Friday April 9, 2010

Art Farm IV


A look at the forth installment of The Art Farm, presented by Shamus Beard and the farm hands…thanks to all those who participated…3.20.010

photos by PYE42

A Walk in Ballard


Ballard Art Walk…

*New work by Ryan Henry Ward and a team of collaborators will open tonight at the Bal Mar.

*Photographer Greg Plumis reveals life in portrait, hosted by the Ballard brosteins at Conor Byrne.


A photographic mix of ink, oil, color, black and white will fill the workshop of Rainier Rickshaw and Belltown Pull-Apart for the month of March.  Join us on Friday the 12th from 6pm-midnight for DJ’s and drinks…bolts and chains are optional.

Seattle Proper


The interiors of each are extraordinary…

Mind the Dead


Photographic oils

Here’s your chance to catch the critically acclaimed documentary film which chronicles the thievery of Seattle’s beloved Supersonics.  Three cheers for paper trails.

The Pit


The industrial foundries of Seattle’s southtown is the setting for this short film noir directed by Kevin Slattery.  Sometimes dumpsters and rafters are the best places to hide.

This is Blue Collar Escape.