Taking Scalps


Before G.W. there was Rutherford B. Hayes….



Why did Teddy Roosevelt cross the road?

…to get away from William Howard Taft!

A “T” for Two


Had it not been for Washington, there would not be an “Honest Abe”.  Here’s to to the Old Dutch and cherrie trees…

Imagine life without Texas.  It took President Martin Van Buren’s watchful eye to foil the annexation of the Lone Star state to Mexico during his four year tenure (1837-1841).  A man of war avoiding war.

The Nationalist


One of only two men to have died while in office (other than assassination), President Zachary Taylor will forever be regarded as Mr. Panama (or at least he should be).

Number Fourteen


Franklin Pierce served as our nations 14th President during the dog days of its growth, a single term from 1853-1857.  Hailed as a traitor by many, mostly due to his opinion of anti-succession, this father of three (each of his children having died before the age of 13) was quoted as saying, “You have summoned me in my weakness. You must sustain me by your strength.”  Wise words from someone with so much loss.

Our nation’s 20th President was born on the 19th of November 1831.

He passed on the 19th of September 1881 of assassination.  His name is James Abram Garfield.

J.A. Garfield, 1879