35th and Evanstone – Fremont

Dayton and 39th:  Fremont

56th and 22nd-Ballard

27th and 80th-Ballard (Loyal Heights)

Burke Gilman Trail II…corliss and pacific-gasworks

Burke Gilman Trail…40th and 7th-University district

rainier ave and martin luther king- rainier valley

20th and 60th-Ballard

8th and 54th-East Ballard

70th and 18th-Ballard

Between Olive and Pine & Melrose-Capital Hill

Nickerson and Florentia-Lower Queen Anne

56th and Keystone-Wallingford

Nickerson and 3rd-Lower Queen Anne

Greenlake Way and Ravenna-Greenlake

34th and Government-Magnolia

Golden Gardens Dr. and Seaview-Ballard

24th and 78th-Ballard

32nd and Furman-Eastlake

Canal and 1st-Fremont

8th and 54th-East Ballard

15th and Emerson-Interbay

64th and 24th-Ballard

20th and 59th-Ballard

80th and Greenwood-Greenwood

6th and Northlake-University District

Phinney and 67th-Phinney Ridge

40th and Stone-Wallingford

80th and Wallingford-Greenlake

87th and Greenwood-Greenwood

Shilshole and 17th-Ballard

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