I invite you to collaborate with me.  Here’s the thing…

  1. Click and print your Mantis-Porthole below.
  2. Create your own pictures within (and outside!) the window of the porthole.
  3. If you wish to share your work with me, please email an image of your finished art to I would LOVE to see the product of our collaboration!

I feel that in this current age we are all, ‘in the same boat’, so to speak; one giant mother-ship.  This is a project for people of all ages…create one or several!  Please share with your family, friends and neighbors…soon the seas will be less angry.


Create your own Mantis-Porthole…

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The amount I charge for each piece of art varies depending on the size and media of the piece.  My work consists of multiple different mediums and price ranges, including Hand Painted Photography, Custom Canvas Paintings, Mixed Media and Indoor / Outdoor Murals (public and private).

In addition I specialize in custom commission work upon request…

For purchase or further information on the art:


Andrew Miller is a Seattle based artist who strives to contribute and build a strong and energetic art community. Over the past 18 years, Miller has been actively working towards creating a unique body of work and establishing a strong presence with his art, which consists of an extensive catalog of hand painted photographs, illustrations, paintings, sculptures, independent film and murals. Additionally, Miller is an accomplished live painter, educator and community leader. He instructs art programs in several elementary schools throughout Puget Sound, and was awarded the 2017 Denny Award for his volunteer mural efforts with the Lake City Teen Leadership program. His work can be seen at BLAM! Studio in the Greenwood Collective and at


My Ballard

Art Parties Seattle

City Arts Magazine

Seattle PI

Seattle Weekly

The Stranger

Film Credits

*Assistant Director, Narrator:  The Reid/Secrest Olympics (2002)

*Photography, Camera:  Blue Collar Escape (2004)

*Photography, 8MM:  Story of an Artist(2005)

*Photography, 8MM:  We Love Shoes (2005)

*Hand painted photography:  The Color of Black and White: A Slide Show (2005)

*Hand-Painted 8MM:  The Color of Black and White(2005)

*Director, Photography, 8MM,:  you are my SUNSHINE(2005)

*Photography, 8MM:  Vegas (2005)

*Director, Photography, 8MM:  Tim Seely’s On Film I Play Myself(2006)

*Animation Director, Photography:  Tim Seely’s Trucker’s Lullaby (2007)

Editor:  Actual Tigers Yardwork in November (2007)

Editor:  Actual Tigers Bourgeois Blues (2007)

Editor:  Tim Seely’s The Bees at Nite (2007)

Sound/Lighting: The Tooth Fairy (September 2007)

*Assistant Director and Editor, Production, Photography and Artwork:

Haymaker and Sally (2007)

Director, 8MM:  Balladen 5.17.08 (2009)

Accompanying Artwork:  Man Zou:  Beijing to Shanghai(2009)

Thanks, Uncredited:  Sonicsgate (2009)

Co-director, 8MM:  Ode to the Viaduct (2010)

Shows, Exhibitions and Awards:

Tractor Tavern, Seattle, Wa. (August 2002, October 2002)

-Premier of The Reid/Secrest Olympics

New York Independent Film and Video Festival (Los Angeles and New York 2003)

-Selected premier of The Reid/Secrest Olympics

Nordstrom (April 2005)

-Four week instillation window display of We Love Shoes

Website home page

-Original photograph for the independent film Exit Strategy

Christoff Gallery, Seattle, Wa.  (September 2005)

-Presented The Color of Black and White, the display of over 300 hand-painted photos, fine art and collaborative film

-DVD release of The Reid/Secrest Olympics

The Showbox, Seattle, Wa.  (October 2005)

-Live painting complimenting the film Tangerine Dream and musicians

The Blue Scholars (in accordance with Casual Industrees)

Capital Hill Arts Center, Seattle, Wa.  (November 20, 2005)

-Live painting accompanied by the band The Harmonica Pocket

Wachovia Securities, 3rd and Columbia, downtown Seattle, Wa.  (Jan.-March 2006)

ReMax Mutual (Ballard offices), Seattle, Wa.  (Feb. 2006)

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, Seattle, Wa.  (March 2nd 2006)

-Live painting accompanied by musical artists Mooncalf, Pillow Fighter and Hard Money Saints

Avant Chiropractic, Seattle, Wa.  (April-July 2006)

Rawstock Film Festival, Rendezvous, Seattle, Wa. (November 2006)

-Premiere of you are my SUNSHINE

Christoff Gallery, Seattle, Wa.  (December 2006)

-Presented Ought VI, the display of hand painted photographs, fine art and collaborative film and music

Bluefish Designs, Edmonds, Wa.  (May-July 2007)

Rawstock Film Festival, Act Theater, Seattle Wa (September 14, 2007)

-Premiere’s of The Tooth Fairy and Trucker’s Lullaby

Christoff Gallery, Seattle, Wa.  (December 2007)

-Group show; display of ink colored and hand painted photographs

Rawstock Film Festival, Act Theater, Seattle, Wa.  (Dec. 7, 2006)

-Premiere of Vegas

Georgetown 8MM Film Festival, Seattle, Wa.  (April 19, 2008)

-Ink photography and film installation titled Death of a Seattle Landmark

STIFF (Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival) (June 2008)

-Third place and honorable mention for the festival’s poster design.

-Selected premiere of Haymaker and Sally

Rawstock Film Festival, Act Theater, Seattle, Wa (May 2, 2008)

-Premier of On Film I Play Myself

Beijing to Shanghai:  Man Zou Fundraiser, Seattle, Wa.  (August 16, 2008)

-Six mural’s renderings of cities and locations in southeastern China.

SIFF 1 Reel Film Festival, SIFF Cinema, Seattle, WA (September 1, 2008)

Trucker’s Lullaby premiered as part of Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival

Christoff Gallery, Seattle, Wa.  (Feb 7-March 5, 2009)

-Presented Mantisart:  Andrew Miller’s Dog and Pony Show, works of ink photography and independent film.

SIFF Cinema, Seattle, Wa (22 August 2009)

Man Zou:  Beijing to Shanghai Premiere

Artopia 2009 (27 June 2009)

-Live painting for Finding Tahoe, with monologues by Chris Bell

Ballard Community Center’s Tuesday’s in Ballard, Seattle, Wa (25 Ausust 2009)

Live painting with music by Max Perry

The Levee Breaking Artist Showcase (October-December 2009)

-Online support-the-arts display

Firehouse Coffee, Seattle. Wa (November 2009)

-Display of oil painted and inked photographs and oil paintings

The Mix – ER Arts, Seattle, Wa (12 November 2009)

-Live painting with music by Max Perry

The Great Nabob, Seattle, Wa (January-March 2010)

-Ink photography and mix media

Belltown Pul-Apart & Rainier Rickshaw, Seattle, Wa (March-April 2010)

-Ink photography and paintings

Naked City Brewery, Seattle, Wa (9 April – 18 May  2010)

Predators of the Wild collaboration w/ Ryan Henry Ward, Narboo, Starheadboy & Xavier Lopez Jr.

The Traveler, Seattle, Wa (April-June 2010)

Artopia 2010 (June 2010)

Art Farm VI, Seattle, Wa (Sept. 2010)

Urban Studios, Portland, Or (Oct. 2010)

Conor Byrne, Seattle, Wa (Nov. 2010)

Art Farm VII, Seatte, Wa(Dec. 2010)

Barton Street Lofts, Seattle Wa (January 2011)

J&M Cafe, Seattle, Wa (April 2011-present)

Salvadorean Bakery, Seattle, Wa (April 2011-present)

Greenwood/Phinney Art Walk 2011

Urban Light Studio:  Potluck group show, Seattle, Wa (May 13th-14th)

Pig N’ Whistle, Seattle, Wa (May 2011)

Conor Byrne Pub:  Benefit for Spike Perry – May 2nd, 7pm

Jewlbox Theater:  May 18th, 10pm

-Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog


Full Circle Gallery:  Monthly Greenwood art walk

Urban Lights Studio:  ‘Who’s Hoo’ group show, ‘Between Heaven and Hellboy’ group show

Brown paper tickets:  Solo show

A Stab to the Art:  Summer collective group show

Fremont art walk Lenin Statue (2):  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

Nector Lounge:  Love Fest I

Fremont Love Fest II

Thread Show Seattle Center

Columbia City Theater:  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

Benbow Room (4):  ‘Canlandia’

Nightingale Gallery:  POTW Group Show

Loft (4):  Group shows

Little Cupcake:  Solo show

Kiss Café Charley Tribute:  Live painting w/ The Stevedore

Tiger Lounge (3):  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

Stables:  Live painting w/ Max Perry

Family Trust

12th and Jackson:  Graffiti Defense Coalition collab mural

White Center art Walk @ Big Al’s:  Live painting group event

Tuesday’s in Ballard:  Live painting w/ Max Perry and Wes Sp8

KISW POTW @ Highline:  POTW live painting

Faire Gallery:  Live painting

2013-2014 venues for art

Monster art and clothing:  ‘Humanimal’:  group show, Dec 2013-Feb 2014

Kiss café:  solo show, Dec 2013-Jan 2014

Full Circle/TSIO:  Monthly Greenwood art walk, Oct 2012-present

‘Urban Avant Garde’:  Group show curator, Urban Light Studio, March-April 2013

Eight and Sand:  The cozy show, group show

Two Bells:  ‘Patchwork’. solo show

Olaf’s Bar:  Indoor panel mural

City Arts:  Winner of People’s Choice Award for Winter Art Walk Awards

Echo Echo:  ‘Between Two Worlds’ Twin Peaks group show

Sloop Tavern Mural

Mind Unwind:  Solo show

Ballard Community Center:  Curated main lobby

Artifakt:  ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ aniversary group show

Fremont art walk (three events):  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog @ the Lenin Statue

3587 Fremont group show

Slattery properties:  public mural

Comet Tavern:  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

White Rabbit:  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

High Dive:  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

Sunset Tavern:  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

Nectar Lounge:  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

New Frontier Lounge:  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

Jewel Box Theater:  Wes Sp8 & the Visual Dialog

‘Big Lebowski’ Group show @ Urban Light Studio, Sep-Oct 2013

Delridge Community Center: pubic mural

‘National Lampoon Holiday Roadshow’:  Curator@ Urban Light Studio, Dec 2013-Jan 2014

Center House Theater: ‘Dark & Sexy’ group show

‘A Childs Heart’ Miazaki tribute group show @ Urban Light Studios, Jan-Feb 2014

Artifact Anniversary Show @ Monkey Loft

Eight and Sand Gallery:  The Red Show Feb-March 2014

Office Junction West Seattle: Solo show Jan-Feb 2014

Freshy’s Cafe: Solo show, March 2014

The Cask: Solo Show, April 2014

Ballard Station Public House:  Solo show, March-April 2014

‘Tall Buildings’ group show:  Curator @ Urban Light Studio, March-April 2014

‘A Dance in the Meadow’ group show @ Naked City Brewery & Urban Light Studio, April-May 2014

Eight and Sand:  Stardust group show, April-May 2014

Spectrum House:  Solo show, April-May 2014

Queen Anne Community Center:  Public murals


Herb’s House:  Solo show May-July 2014

Essentia Seattle:  June 2014




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